Mosi Yaro | Keramiek

28 augustus 2021 t/m 12 september 2021

Na Bas Ketelaars is de White Cube het domein van de jonge Mosi Yaro (keramiek). Voor Mosi is de white cube een fysieke onderzoeksruimte:

“The withdrawal of … from the environment and the confusion that arises from it. Why should … leave its origin? An installation / A situation that challenges the accepted ways of presenting. HABITAT : Interval Offers an alternative opportunity to connect with the … in a way that is uncompromising for both the … aswell as for the observer.

The uncompromised, if accepted, will lead to synchronisation and clarity. No finalisations – No conclusions – No limitations. Enter to discover.”

Mosi Yaro, 2021

De opening vindt plaats zaterdag 28 augustus om 17:00 uur.
Daarna is het werk te bezichtigen tot 12 september (tijdens openingstijden van MotMot gallery).
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